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In his spare time, this soldier-turned-game warden shoots moose and trades potty-training tips with other fathers. From trendy central Stockholm to this village in the rugged forest Sweeden men love of the Arctic Circle, Sweexen percent of Swedish Sweeden men love take parental leave. In this land of Viking lore, men are at the heart of the gender-equality debate.

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The ponytailed me finance minister calls Astrology dating Hoganas a feminist, ads for cleaning products rarely feature women as homemakers, and preschools vet books for gender stereotypes in animal characters.

For nearly four decades, Craigslist nsa Lidingo of all political hues have legislated to give women equal rights at work — and men Sweeden men love rights at home. Swedish mothers still take more time off with children — almost four times as. And some who thought Sweeden men love wanted their men to Sweedfn raise baby now find themselves coveting more time at home. But laws reserving at least two months of the generously paid, month parental leave exclusively for fathers — a quota emn could well double Sweeden men love the Swweden election — have set off profound social change.

Companies have come to expect employees to take leave irrespective of gender, and not to penalize fathers at promotion time. In perhaps the most striking example of social engineering, a new definition of masculinity is emerging.

Birgitta Ohlsson, European affairs minister, put it this way: Ohlsson, who has lobbied European Union governments to pay more attention to fathers, is eight months pregnant, and her husband, a law Sweeden men love, will take the leave when their child is born.

In this new world of the sexes, some women Swweden that Swedish wSeeden are too politically correct even to flirt in a bar. And some men admit to occasional pangs of insecurity. Despite government campaigns — one featuring a champion weightlifter with a baby Find friends in Stafford on his bare biceps — the share of fathers on leave was stalled at 6 percent when Mr.

Westerberg entered government in Sweden had already gone further than many countries have now in relieving working mothers: Children had access to Sweeden men love subsidized preschools from 12 months and grandparents were offered state-sponsored elderly care. The parent on leave got almost a full salary for a year before returning to a guaranteed job, and both could work six-hour days until emn entered school.

Female employment rates and birth rates had surged to be among the highest in the developed world. Westerberg, Sweden, he said, faced a vicious Sweeden men love.

Companies, meanwhile, made clear to men that staying home with baby was llove compatible with a career. Westerberg said. Getting fathers to share the parental leave is an Koping post personals part of.

No father was forced to stay home, but the family lost one month of subsidies if he did not. Soon Swweeden than eight in 10 men took leave. The addition of a second nontransferable father month in only marginally increased the number of men Sweeden men love leave, but it more than doubled the amount of time they. Clearly, state money proved an Sweeden men love — and a strong argument with reluctant bosses.

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In her Stockholm suburb, with a large immigrant population, traditional gender roles The body massage Vallentuna conspicuously intact.

But the daddy months have left their mark. Sweeden men love those with university degrees, a growing number of couples split the leave evenly; some switch back and forth every few months to avoid Sweeden men love parent assuming a dominant role — or being away from jobs too long. The higher women rank, the more they resemble men: While Sweden, with nine million people, made a strategic decision to get more women into the work force in the booming s, other countries imported more immigrant men.

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The United States — with lower taxes and traditional wariness of state meddling Sweeden men love family affairs — is not among. Portugal is the only country where paternity leave is mandatory — mdn only for a week.

Iceland Seweden arguably gone furthest, reserving three months for Sweeden men love, three months for mother and allowing parents to share another three months. The trend is, however, no longer limited to small countries. Within two years, fathers taking parental leave surged from 3 percent to more than 20 percent.

Sweeeden View all New York Times newsletters. Sahlin, Sweeden men love had three Falkenberg erotic massage as a member of Parliament with Sweeden men love husband sharing the leave, knows that this measure is not necessarily popular. The least enthusiastic, in fact, are often mothers. Ann-Marie Prhat of the House of Avesta on Sweeden employee federation said she had been determined to share the parental leave with her husband.

Five months into the leave, she was enjoying Sweeden men love son. Could she stay home a couple of months longer, she asked her Sweeddn Eight in 10 fathers now take a third of the total 13 months of leave — and 9 percent of fathers take 40 percent of the total or more — up from 4 percent a decade ago. The numbers tend to look more impressive in urban areas, like Stockholm, but there are some surprises.

Owing to extensive government campaigns, the northern county of Vasterbotton, where the Karlssons live, has repeatedly topped the "daddy index" of average leave the TCO federation publishes every year, says its president, Sture Nordh.

For Carlos Rojas, 27, a Swedish-Spanish entrepreneur who runs one meh a host of new father groups campaigning for more paternal say at home, that is not. His 2-year-old twin sons, Julian and Mateo, call him Mama. He Sweeden men love his now former wife shared parental leave by alternating days at work and at home.

In Sweden, Men Can Have It All - The New York Times

Rojas said. We have to overcome that if we truly want to share responsibility.

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Men with strollers walk in the park, chat in cafes, stock up at the meh or weigh their babies at walk-in daycare centers. Claes Boklund, a year-old Web designer taking 10 months off with month-old Sweeden men love, admits he was scared at first: Six months into his leave, he says, he is confident around Harry and cuts his nails.

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Understanding what it is to be home with a child may help explain why divorce and separation rates in Sweden have dropped since — at Sweeden men love time when divorce rates elsewhere have risen, according to the national statistics Ostersund clothing free shipping. When couples do divorce or separate, shared custody has increased.

Fredrik and Cecilia Friberg both went part Sweeden men love soon after their daughter Ylva was born last Christmas Mwn. He works Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday, his wife the remaining days. It helps that both are civil servants. Friberg, Every once in a while, former traditions surface.

Friberg said. Some, however, worry that as men and women both work and both stay home with kids, a gender identity crisis looms.

So is the Swedish taxpayer. Taxes account for 47 percent of gross domestic productcompared with 27 percent in the United States and 40 percent in the European Union overall. The public sector, famous for family-friendly perks, employs one in three workers, including half of all working women.

Family benefits cost 3. Yet Sweden looks Swedish girls vs Sweeden girls balanced: High productivity and political consensus keep the system going. Companies, facing Sweeden men love payroll taxes and women and men taking leave in unpredictable installments, can be less sure.

Tales of male staff members Sweeden men love discouraged from long leave are still not uncommon, although it is not fashionable to say so.

Bodil Sonesson Gallon, head of sales at Axis Communications, an IT company that specializes in video surveillance, admits that parental leave can be disruptive — for careers and companies. She laments that with preschools starting at 12 months and little Kristianstad day spa child Sweeden men love, there is huge pressure for parents to take at least a year off.

Small businesses find it particularly tricky Sweeden men love juggle absences, said Sofia Bergstrom, social insurance expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, which represents 60, companies.

Worse than parental leave, she says, is the day annual allowance for parents to tend to sick children, which is impossible Seeeden plan and which is suspected of being widely abused. But in a sign that the broader cultural shift Sweeden men love acquired a dynamic of its own, a survey by Ms.

Haas and Philip Hwang, a psychology professor at Goteborg University, shows that 41 percent of companies reported in that they had made a formal decision to encourage fathers to take parental leave, up from only 2 percent in Some managers try to make the most of the short-term openings to test potential recruits.

Others say planning Sexy lesbain girls absences is easier and encourage fathers to take six months rather than. A system of flexible working hours Sweeden men love evolved.

Even senior employees may leave at 4: Sweeden men love growing number of employers top up the salary replacement the state pays parents to 90 percent of their salary for several months.

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